An Analysis of the Demand for Postgraduate Educational Science Programs


DOI: 10.12738/estp.2014.5.2109 

Year: 2014 Vol: 14 Number: 5


This study, aimed to determine the variables that have a role in the emergence of individual demand for postgraduate educational sciences programs, is a descriptive one. The sample of the study consisted of 222 postgraduate students from Ankara University, a developed university, and Gaziosmanpaşa University, a developing university. The data was collected through a questionnaire. In the analysis process, nominal data was analyzed by calculating the frequency and percentages, and the data within the preference reasons was analyzed according to the mean and standard deviations. In the analysis of whether preference reasons differentiated according to various variables, independent sample t-tests were used in the comparisons between two variables, and one-way ANOVA testing was used when the variables had more than two categories. Results showed that the variables that have a role in the emergence of individual demand for post graduate educational sciences programs were, in order of their importance, academic/individual, economical/professional, and socio-cultural/familial factors. Institutional factors were different for the AU and GOU. It was found that the demand variables were different for some variables such as marital status, age, educational level of parents, and plans for doctorate.

Bireysel Talep, Eğitim Bilimleri, Eğitimin Getirileri, Yüksek Lisans

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