Analysis of Teachers’ Tablet Teaching Adoption Process


DOI: 10.12738/estp.2017.6.0436 

Year: 2017 Vol: 17 Number: 6


Teachers play a very important role in providing children with a technology-supported learning environment. They are often challenged by the use of the tools and the effort required for planning pedagogical activities in technology integration. This study explored teachers’ adoption process in tablet teaching (teaching with tablets). The purposes of the study were to study: (1) the processes teachers experienced for adopting tablets teaching, (2) the inspirations from children’s learning reactions, and (3) challenges and strengths of the integration of tablet teaching. A phenomenological approach was used in this study. Three stages were involved in the data collection and analysis: (I) document analysis from online activity records and project reports, (II) interviews with 17 teachers, and (III) inductive analysis of various data resources. Analyses from various sources revealed that teachers’ adoption process for tablet teaching includes: building basic knowledge of the new device, exploring different interests, modifying and redefining integration, and on-going tryouts. They were challenged with technology, pedagogical concerns, policy support, and community support. From the adoption process, teachers were inspired by children’s motivation and learning engagement. In future implementation, scaffolding skills, exploratory opportunities, collaborative approach among teachers, open sharing of knowledge were suggested in tablet teaching.

Tablet teaching, Technology integration, Teaching strategy, Pedagogical knowledge

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