Application of New Media Technology in Vocabulary Learning of College English Curriculum

Author/s: Minghui Guo, Wujing Zhu

DOI: 10.12738/estp.2018.6.243 

Year: 2018 Vol: 18 Number: 6


Concerning the issues that the teaching time of College English (CE) curriculum has been compressed and the education resources in universities get more and more strain, this paper proposes to apply the new media technology in the CE vocabulary learning. The new media technology can achieve the interaction with learning subjects and involvement in the learning process with the mass language materials and database. It features the instantaneity, facticity and strong practicability. On this basis, this paper makes a thorough analysis on the application of new media technology in CE vocabulary learning. It turns out that the intervention of new media technology can strengthen the students’ interests in learning CE vocabulary curriculum, and make available English teaching resources more diverse, flexible and speedy, so as to reduce the learning cost, improve the CE teaching quality and level, and enhance students’ learning effect in English vocabulary, thus providing a good clue for the society to cultivate a multi-functional compound talents.

New Media Technology, CE, Vocabulary, Applied Study

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