Application Research of Computer-aided Teaching Based on Network in College English Teaching Reform

Author/s: Xiaoxue Zhang, Junnan Wang

DOI: 10.12738/estp.2018.5.076 

Year: 2018 Vol: 18 Number: 5


The entry of computer network technology into the field of foreign language teaching will of course change the information transmission channel of traditional foreign language teaching, the integration of teaching content and activities, and even the teaching process. It will also make a huge change in the structure of teaching structure and its constituent elements, and promote the change of teaching concepts, leading to changes in the value of teaching and evaluation criteria. This thesis is mainly aimed at exploratory research on the integration of computer network and foreign language teaching in college English teaching reform. The key point is to overcome the problems and confusions faced by foreign language teaching after integration, and to explain the various aspects of integration by applying the applicable theory of foreign language teaching.

English Teaching Reform, Computer Network, Computer-aided Teaching

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