Conceptual Understanding of Science Teacher Candidates regarding the Reason for Measurement and Evaluation and for Determining Learning Change


DOI: 10.12738/estp.2014.5.1671 

Year: 2014 Vol: 14 Number: 5


Determining the learning quality and the role of measurement and evaluation are accepted as part of the duties and responsibilities of teachers and operators in structured teaching programs. This qualitative case study research examined teacher candidates’ conceptual understanding of the reasons for measurement and evaluation and for determining of the learning change to ascertain if trained teacher candidates met the required expectations. The study participants were determined using criteria sampling and consisted of 101 science teacher candidates. The data was collected using open ended questions, which were analyzed using content analysis. The research found that the teacher candidates’ conceptual understanding as to the reasons for evaluation and determining the learning change were inadequate. It was found that the participants were unable to relate the measurement and evaluation purposes with learning change, and that the understanding of the measurement and evaluation concepts aimed at determining the need for learning change did not coincide. The data suggested that there could be teacher training insufficiencies and that the duties and responsibilities of the new teaching programs encumbered the teachers. In this context, it was suggested that determining the learning changes by measurement and evaluation practices be emphasized during teacher training.

Determining the Learning Change, Teacher Candidates, Measurement, Evaluation, Conceptual Understanding

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