Evaluation Model of College Students’ Sports Learning Engagement Factors Based on Big Data Analysis

Author/s: Qinghua Zhang

DOI: 10.12738/estp.2018.5.109 

Year: 2018 Vol: 18 Number: 5


Through big data analysis for the questionnaire of college students’ sports learning engagement, the analysis results show that the overall situation of students’ learning engagement is general, and there are differences in gender and grade. Regression analysis shows that social support and self-factors play a predictive role in the learning engagement of sports students. A learning engagement evaluation model which consists of five factors: active cooperative learning level, deep learning method, theoretical course learning engagement, professional training engagement and expansive learning engagement is proposed. Through the analysis of the questionnaires, it is concluded that the model can be used in the management and research of the evaluation of the learning engagement of sports students.

Learning Engagement, Sports Students, Evaluation Model, Big Data Analysis, Self-Factors

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