Improvement of Music Teaching Efficiency Based on Learner Emotional Model

Author/s: Renfu Geng

DOI: 10.12738/estp.2018.6.224 

Year: 2018 Vol: 18 Number: 6


As an aesthetically pleasing course, music plays an extremely important role in primary and secondary schools and even higher education. It is the main channel for the popularization of primary and secondary education to art and the only way to practice it. It is also a compulsory course for schools to achieve aesthetic education. . Music education is different from traditional education in other disciplines. It emphasizes the emotional experience of educators and emphasizes the emotional exchange and perception between teachers and students. In general, music education is a comprehensive quality education course that integrates psychology and music aesthetics. However, traditional music education only flows on the surface of the curriculum and ignores the emotional experience in the teaching process, thus failing to achieve the purpose of so-called aesthetic education. Therefore, it is very necessary and meaningful to study the framework of emotional education system in music education in a timely and effective way. Based on emotional psychology, aesthetics and educational psychology, this thesis focuses on the emotional teaching in music education, and constructs an effective and effective music emotional teaching system, and proposes specific strategies and measures for the current status of music education. In the specific practice verification section, this paper conducts experimental teaching based on a sample of 200 students and gives a questionnaire to verify the acceptability and effectiveness of the proposed teaching system. Practice shows that the music education system based on the student’s emotional experience proposed in this paper has significant effects on cultivating students’ positive and healthy feelings and aesthetics.

Music Education, Emotional Experience of Teachers and Students, Emotional Health, Aesthetic Health

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