The Impact of Leadership on the Communication Satisfaction of Primary School Teachers in Serbia

Author/s: Edit Terek, Milan Nikolić, Bojana Gligorović, Dragana Glušac, Ivan Tasić

DOI: 10.12738/estp.2015.1.2511 

Year: 2015 Vol: 15 Number: 1


This paper presents the results of research into the effects of leadership on the communication satisfaction of teachers. The data was obtained by giving questionnaires to 362 teachers from 57 primary schools in Serbia. Leadership is shown to have a strong and positive impact on the communication satisfaction of teachers in Serbian primary schools. The following dimensions of leadership have the strongest influence: Core Transformational Leadership Behavior, Contingent Reward Behavior, and Intellectual Stimulation. The moderating effect of teachers’ gender and age was examined with the observed relationships. The moderating effect of gender was confirmed in three dimensions of communication satisfaction: Communication Climate, Horizontal & Informal Communication, and Organizational Integration. Any moderating effect of age was not confirmed. Primary school principals in Serbia should devote considerable attention to developing leadership and communication skills. This would serve to achieve an increase in communication and job satisfaction among teachers, which potentially creates the conditions for the improved and effective functioning of schools.

Leadership, Communication satisfaction of Teachers, Primary schools, Serbia

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