School Principals’ Personal Constructs Regarding Technology: An Analysis Based on Decision-making Grid Technique


DOI: 10.12738/estp.2014.5.2179 

Year: 2014 Vol: 14 Number: 5


This study aims to determine the similarities and differences between existing school principals’ personal constructs of “ideal principal qualities” in terms of technology by means of the decision-making grid technique. The study has a phenomenological design, and the study group consists of 17 principals who have been serving at the same school since the last three years. Data were obtained using a structured interview technique and one of the grid techniques, i.e., the decision making technique. Content analysis, grid similarity analysis, and principal components analysis were used for data analysis. Results showed that there are differences in terms of the perception of fear and suspicion in ideal and non-ideal principal’s qualities and attitudes toward technology in Turkey.

Decision-making Grid Technique, Personal Construct, School Principal, Technology Leadership

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